Headlight lens covers for MERCEDES BENZ GLC X253 (20018-) FACELIFT

Headlight lens covers for MERCEDES BENZ GLC X253 (20018-) FACELIFT



Headlight covers for MERCEDES BENZ GLC X253 (20018-) FACELIFT. Replacing the faded headlight lens covers will give the lights a brand new look and make them completely sealed again. The beam will light up the road further than before and you won’t compromise the life of the headlight’s components such as bulbs and electronics inside. This increased visibility improves everyone’s safety, any time you are driving on dark streets or highways, especially if pedestrians, bikes or animals are present. Don’t risk problems later and replace your faded headlight lens covers now.

The most frequent issues of our customers
– low beam
– reduces safety
– do not pass the MOT test
– bad looking car
– reduces car’s value
Original headlights are very expensive, and if you’re going to sell your car, it’s not worth buying new headlights either. We have an alternative way to make your headlights look new again. There is a simple and cheaper way to avoid high cost full headlight purchase. The headlight lens cover replacement is the best way in terms of Price / Performance. These lens cover replacements are made of highly durable molded polycarbonate with a standard UV coating (protects from the sun).

How to replace faded headlight lens covers – MANUAL HERE.
We also provide a repair service mostly suitable for European customers since we reside in Prague, Czech Republic – ORDER HERE.

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